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I'm 34 years old and studied literature, culture and media. However, my love for acting was awakened in my childhood. Inspirations that have always accompanied me are: The Werner Beinhart films, The Lord of the Rings universe, video games such as Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee / Exoddus / Soulstorm, the Crash Bandicoot series, and comedy actors such as Jim Carey, Will Ferrell and countless fantasy worlds, as well as the horror of Stephen King. I often tend towards satirical exaggeration, comic-like pronunciation and spontaneous sketch productions when I recognize the comedic character of situations, which actually happens very often (Otto-like), whether privately or in an unfamiliar environment. For me, dealing with and developing texts and roles is just as much a part of my trade as an authentic and passionate implementation of projects. I always have an extra dose of humor on top of that, because that's what makes me special.

Communication is one of the most important achievements of mankind. My aim is to gain information, emotions and art from this and to share the joy of it.

How did I become a voice actor

"[...] Ramon Klein has a special knack for batches and character roles. From children's voices to young adults to senior citizens - always with a little humor.


He was born in Dortmund in 1987 and grew up in the northern Ruhr area. The talent for the playful use of language and the fascination for acting were already revealed in kindergarten and have always been part of his character. He never missed a TKKG episode and worked early on on his own small shows and cabaret productions with cassette recorders and so the talent of the "little actor", as he was warmly called everywhere at some point, became more and more apparent.


The singing lessons for pop music from the age of 13 laid the foundation for a clear focus on musicality, language and rhythm. As a singer in a band, more and more performances and stage experience followed - but also the focus on targeted speaking and entertainment came closer and closer.


In particular, the studies in literature, culture and media, which he completed in 2014, which also included promoting creative writing, language and text, left no doubt that creative expression in many forms runs in his blood.


From 2015, lessons and seminars followed at the speaker academy in Krefeld and Cologne,

the professional focus on speaking techniques, conscious breathing and improvised acting. Applications paid off and the Voices! 2020 project by and with well-known voice actors from the dubbing scene gave Ramon space to prove himself and make acquaintances. Robert Miller from m-Sound in Munich also played a large part in Ramon's self-realization.


Over time, Ramon's practical and theoretical experience consolidated and this is how contacts with speakers, networking in the speaker scene and further coaching and speaking training came about.


Success with music TV stations in Berlin, the first enthusiastic inquiries and radio play roles trickled in and so it was undeniable: Ramon becomes a speaker and voice actor


Since he is also an author of his own texts, suitable for radio plays, children's and youth literature, adult stories and song texts, the first large-scale recording was possible

not long in coming in the professional recording studio.


Meanwhile, Ramon offers a wide range of voices, roles and facets that are desired for many productions."

I learned from:
Voice acting Academy - Planet-Voice in Cologne / Krefeld and as an autodidact.
Voice acting coaching by and with Robert Miller (m-Sound, Munich):
- Coaching with Pat Zwingmann
- Acting with Markus Haase
- Voice acting techniques and linguistics with Milena Hardt

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